Arpita Banerjee

She prefers to call herself “The Co-Creator” rather than a therapist, coach, mentor or a trainer. She Believes that everyone is innately marvellous and a powerful creator of their own life. Her services are but mere tools that anyone needs to clear the limiting beliefs in order to attract more abundance in either all, few or any one of the six spheres of life which are: Personal, Professional, Social Spiritual, Family and Finance

Her objective is to co- create a magical and a fulfilling life with everyone who comes into her universe by putting into application all the knowledge, she has of various life transforming modalities, which flows in rhythm from logic to magic and vice versa.

She Co- develops a doable routine, which later becomes a habit, that helps her clients to integrate in their daily life. And that brings the true transformation. Her biggest aspiration is to make her clients independent and empowered. She inspires them to make choices that are in alignment with their purpose and facilitates how to move forward with ease and create results. She guides them to be 100% Responsible of their own Action and Relish the Result.

She derives happiness in seeing her clients travelling consistently from the Land of Victim-hood to Land of Victory and It gives her immense pleasure to see her clients living a life of Consciousness and Awareness.